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7 Things To Know & Do Before Your Sale!

Never throw anything away!

People buy the most unusual items. You may have seen on the news about people finding items that are worth more than they had thought.

Inventory items to be sold!

Make a note of age or stories behind objects you may have. Have an idea of what you would pay for the same item.

Remove items going to family & friends!

Personal or sentimental items which may be valued by friends or relatives should be discussed ahead of time and set aside if they are not to be sold.

Walk Around Your Home

Things can hide in closets, garages, basements & storage buildings.

Let us know of any condition issues!

Electronics, appliances, yard tools, clocks, etc. We disclose all issues of broken items or items needing repair. We offer repair services from our many experts in the field.

Remove all items for charity & relief organizations!

Items such as walkers, or other items sold with a prescription, we cannot sell it at the estate sale.

Consider an open house

During the sale, if your home is for sale, an open house can bring an added benefit of helping sell your home. We will work with your agent to schedule it.

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